THP launches new Clean Data Centre label

15 January 2020

Using a new label, THP will focus sharply on maintaining Data centres. This specific service will officially start on 1 October under the name THP – Clean Data Centre.

Not unknown territory

Although it is not unknown territory for us, THP – Clean Data Centre is now being introduced as a specific service in the area of data centre maintenance.

A data centre contains expensive devices that are sensitive to contamination such as floating particles and dust. These types of contamination are sometimes hardly visible or not visible. This contamination can accumulate in the server equipment and cause slowdown, overheating or even a short circuiting. With all the concomitant operational and financial consequences.

To minimise the risk of contamination, it is necessary to regularly get rid of loose particles and dust. It is therefore vitally important to (pre-emptively) draw up a plan to counteract data centre contamination. Most data centres already use controlled airflows to counteract floating particles and dust. But contamination that gets in by way of employees often gets less attention. The same applies to contamination caused by repositioning equipment in the data centre.

Look after the digital heart of your organisation

Using the new label, we want to offer a contemporary form of risk management. We do this by paying attention in a different way and by seeking a connection. In addition to performing periodic maintenance activities, we will also organise in-house training, conduct periodic audits and provide policy support. A Clean Data Centre is a collective responsibility. After all, if the policy is not complied with, that will have major consequences for the contamination of the data centre and the associated risks. We are confident that using our new label, we will give further substance to the reduction of contamination risks in data centres.

THP since 1996

THP helps organisations to perform optimally by reducing contamination risks in the IT environment to an acceptable level.

The best known label is THP – The Hardware Hygienist, specialised in deep cleaning workplace equipment. With the introduction of THP – Clean Data Centre, THP wishes to give data centre maintenance a better and more professional position within the total range.