Curious about what the Circular Economy Challenge has yielded us?

15 January 2020

Last year, together with Rabobank, KPMG and MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands), we instituted the Circular Economy Challenge in the Arnhem & Nijmegen region. Along with 20 companies/organisations from the region, we started working on a circular economy business case, aiming to devise an even more sustainable business model.

We have done a lot of research in recent months. We have also optimised our current service, added extra services to our offerings and entered into strategic partnerships. The end result? A concrete plan to help companies deal with IT hardware in a more sustainable way.

Circular Economy Festival

On 17 May, we will conclude the Circular Economy Challenge with all participants during the Circular Economy Festival at the Honig Complex in Nijmegen. During the Festival, we can share our circular business case with a wide audience.

In the video below, our colleague Nathan Talahatu already briefly explains how THP will contribute to the circular economy and what we want to achieve with this.